Fashion stylist. Makeup artist. Hair stylist. All in one. Popular for her professional technique and her unique fashion sense, Roos (1990) has been working as a freelancer since 2012. With a variety of photographers, stylists and make up artists. For tens of different agencies, assignments and projects.

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After studying in The Hague (fashion technique) and Rotterdam (spatial design) Roos interned in Amsterdam at an art department. She then worked in film as a set dresser before backpacking six months in and through Asia. Upon returning in Amsterdam (the city that she loves) she enhanced her professional scope by completing an extensive and intensive make-up training with  De Make-up school, followed by a master and a hair styling training.






Roos likes to tell stories. Stories about strong women with an androgynous look. But with a soft spot for a lively, somewhat romantic face. A combination of the contemporary and the glamorous. Roos creates  looks that are playful, experimental and powerful. In her free work, Roos shows her capacity to make beautiful things with a small crew and a limited budget.

Her most important inspiration, nature: ‘it’s all in the details’…